1st offence - 2nd offence - 3rd offence

If they continue breaking rules after their 3rd offense, then keep doubling the 3rd offense punishment until they break the rule 5 times, then ban them.

  • Racism - warn - 2h mute - perm ban
  • Swearing - warn - kick - 1h mute
  • Spamming - warn - kick - 1h mute
  • Scamming - 12h jail - 24h jail - 48h jail
  • Advertising - perm ban
  • Disrespect - warn - kick - 2h mute
  • Hacking (including xray) - perm ban (You must get undisputable video proof of the person you ban in case they appeal)
  • Bug abusing - perm ban

Staff Rules
  • Respect each other
  • Do not grief/steal from players
  • Do not share your account with anyone else. (as with non-staff, you are responsible for anything done on your account)
  • Do not bypass claims to raid. Get a SeniorMod or Admin to delete the claim
  • All ban messages MUST be in this format: /ban Pokerman99 Hacking. Appeal @ Pokeclub.net/appeal ~Skye
  • All server rules must be followed
  • Do not abuse your powers
  • Remember, as staff you are representing our server, and breaking rules will not be tolerated

Helper Commands

/socialspy - Toggle the ability to see all private messages

/partyspy - Toggle the ability to see mcmmo party chats

/tp <name> - Teleport to the specified player

/tpo <name> - Force to teleport to the specified player

/tphere <name> - Teleport the specified player to you

/tppos <x> <y> <z> - Teleperts to the specified coordinates

/jail <name> spawn <time> - Jails the specified player for the specified time (1m = 1 minute, 1h = 1 hour, 1d = day)

/seen <name> - Check when the specified player was last online

/whois <name> - See general information about the specified player

/kick <name> <reason> - Kick the specified player

/ban <name> <reason> - Ban the specified player (after the reason always put “appeal at www.pokeverse.org/appeal”)

/tempmute <name> <time> <reason> - Temporarily mutes the specified player for the specified time (1m = 1 minute, 1h = 1 hour, 1d = day)

/bminfo <name> - Shows all previous punishments for the specified player

/van - Turns you invisible (note: you can’t do anything while in vanish!)

/rea - Makes you visible again

/ic - Bypass all GP claims

/posted <name> - Rewards the specified player for posting on the forum thread

/invsee - Shows the specified player’s inventory

/a - Toggle admin chat

/a <message> - Sends a message to admin what without toggling it

/ci <name> - Clears the specified player’s inventory (warning: just /ci will clear your own inventory!)

/compsearch <name> <page> - Search a players PC for a pokemon

/compsee <name> <page> - Displays the specified page of a players PC

Bypass the anti ad, anti swear, and anti caps filter

Access to all donor commands

Mod Commands

/home <name>: - Display all homes the specified player has set

/home <name> <home name> - Teleport to the specified player’s specified home

/broadcast - Broadcast a message to the entire server

/sudo <name> <command> - Force the specified user to run the specified command

/unban <name> - Unban the specified player (for use with appeals)

/unjail <name> - Unjails the specified player (for use with appeals)

/unlock <name> - Unlock the specified player’s pokemon

Ability to set unlimited homes

How to handle Appeals & Reports

To access all Appeals & Reports, log into your Enjin account, hover over your name in the top right corner, and click “Applications”. In the drop down box located at the top right of the module, select “Appeals & Reports”, and if there are any pending Appeals & Reports, you will see them there. Click on the Appeal/Report you wish to handle, and read through it. You may provide input on any Appeal/Report, but the original punisher is the only one that should accept/deny that specific application. If you are the punisher, it’s your call on whether or not you want to accept/deny the application. If you feel the person has learned their lesson and won’t do it again, then you should probably accept it. Remember, everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

It is required that you change your Minecraft password right now, no matter how sure you are that your account is secure. We have had multiple people end up demoted shortly after promotion because their account was compromised. Please also do not share your account with anyone under any circumstances. Better be safe then sorry.