Mall Plot Build Contest

SkyeAWolfe a
SkyeAWolfe @ PokeClub
posted Aug 12, 16

Hey guys! Got a mall plot? Want to show off your building skills? Well, now's your chance! We're having a Mall Plot Build contest. The shops will be judged base on creativity and appearance. You will have 2 weeks to build the coolest shop you can at the mall!


  • First place: Shiny Legend of Your Choice!
  • Second Place: Random Shiny Legend
  • Third Place: Random Legend

The cut off date for the builds is the 26th. Which means, but 11:59PST on August 26, 2016 your build must be completed.

Good luck and have fun!

theDurpachu Btw I won't be very active on the server tommorow will my plot still be judged?
theDurpachu just finished my shop design just waiting for 26th XD
seanyboy775 My building sucks in survival too badly and anyway u never win many I shall try but really the 1 time my luck was good i...

Lots of updates!

PokeClub a posted Aug 2, 16

Hey guys,


We’ve been working on some cool new updates that are finally ready for release!


  • Equipt special PokeSashes, now available in the donor store, and crates. Check them out in /pokesash

  • You can now add particles to your Pokemon with /pokebuilder
  • Players will now instantly receive their master ball for posting on our pixelmonforums thread, just type /posted shortly after you’ve made your post. We’ve reset the data, so everyone can do it again.
  • Exchange tokens into physical items in /warp tokenexchange, which can be traded to other players in ChestShops like so:

  • Express yourself with our new Emotes plugin! Unlock 30+ unique emotes from voting crates, or the donor store (thanks TPNils)
  • In an effort to make the Mall more relevant, we’ve limited the amount of items normal players can put up for auction in AuctionHouse. View the exact amounts here
  • Various performance tweaks/improvements


Thanks for all the support recently

- PC Staff

Spider Aw yea reserved slots!
Sword_Master222 o These are some truly impressive things worth exploring i look forward to seeing them in action.
GrimCreaperr Just posting my 2 cents reguarding the mall: I've enjoyed how I can find most of the things I need from the other p...

Donation Drop Party Date!

SkyeAWolfe a
SkyeAWolfe @ PokeClub
posted Jul 26, 16

                                                   **DROP PARTY!**

Thanks to our wonderful players, we have reached donation goal! Now, this month we are actually doing something a little different for the drop party. We will be hosting 2 seperate ones so that players on the other side of the world will get a chance to participate as well.


US West Coast: August 5th 9am

US East Coast: August 5th 12pm

UK: August 5th 5pm

Netherlands: August 5th 6pm

Perth, Australia: August 6th 12am

Japan: August 6th 1am

Melbourne, Australia August 6th 2am


US West Coast: August 6th 6pm

US East Coast: August 6th 9pm

UK: August 7th 2am

Netherlands: August 7th 3am

Perth, Australia: August 7th 9am

Japan: August 7th 10am

Melbourne, Australia August 7th 11am

Grady5900 When will the September one be ?
PedroXD321 anyone can place the time in brazil pls?
Spider Central time: Dp1: 11 AM Dp2: 8 PM Mountain time: Dp1: 10 AM Dp2: 7 PM The Drop Parties will be held on different days, ...

Pokeclubs First Official Tournament!!!

SkyeAWolfe a
SkyeAWolfe @ PokeClub
posted Jul 5, 16

Hey you guys! On July 23rd, starting at 3pm EST we will be hosting our first official tournament!  We will be hosting 2 tiers and you can only enter one of them, so pick carefully!:


US West Coast: July 23rd 12pm

US East Coast: July 23rd 3pm

UK: July 23rd 8pm

Netherlands: July 23rd 9pm

Perth, Australia: July 24th 3am

Melbourne, Australia July 24th 5am

Lvl 60-100 cap:


  • No Revives
  • 3v3 Matchup
  • Pokemon must be lvl 60+
  • All server rules are enforced
  • All gym rules are also enforced
  • Items are allowed
  • Changing of Pokemon is not allowed
  • No Legendaries


  • 1st Place : $40 Buycraft voucher
  • 2nd Place :$30 Buycraft voucher
  • 3rd Place : $20 Buycraft voucher

Lvl: 40-59 cap:


  • No Revives
  • 3v3 Matchup
  • Pokemon must be lvl 40-59
  • All server rules are enforced
  • All gym rules are also enforced
  • Items are allowed
  • Changing of Pokemon is not allowed
  • No Legends or Pseudo-Legends


  • 1st Place : $30 Buycraft voucher
  • 2nd Place :$20 Buycraft voucher
  • 3rd Place : Random Shiny

All participants will get 1 master key and 1 great key just for paticpating! If you are interested in signing up, send me your team and what lvl they will be! You can post them here, or if you wish to keep the team a secret, feel free to private message me them. Sign ups will close on the 17th of July so act now!

BurstJellyfish Skye my seadra evolved i didnt think any1 knew how to help but some1 did and i got level 100 kingdra
ITZzPARRY I will enter the 40-59 tournament with Salamance lvl 59, Dragonite lvl 59 and Gengar lvl 59
ITZzJJAMIE I will join the 40-59 tournament Charizard, Golduck, Scizor

New Drop Party Date!

SkyeAWolfe a
SkyeAWolfe @ PokeClub
posted Jun 30, 16

So, I kinda derped and forgot this was the 4th of July weekend. And so, I am pushing the Drop Party back to the 10th. Same time though

US West Coast: July 10th 12pm

US East Coast: July 10th 3pm

UK: July 10th 8pm

Netherlands: July10th 9pm

Perth, Australia: July 11th 3am

Melbourne, Australia July 11th 5am

AlfredDaPokemon YAY Birthday DP
lilsixinokc why are they all ways on sundays thats three i have missed because they are on sundays :{
SkyeAWolfe a
SkyeAWolfe @ PokeClub
ill start doing them on saturday guys, that way its sunday for aussies
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