Hey everyone!

If you love competing and winning PRIZES we will now be regularly hosting our brand new and amazing Parkour and Spleef events!

Prizes are given as event crate keys which you can redeem at either /warp parkour or /warp spleef


We’ve also just released PokeSnax, which instantly heal your Pokemon! No more constantly running back to that annoying healing machine. Get 16 every 6 hours by talking to one of our friendly NPCs in spawn.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re also launching our annual sale! Get a whopping 35% off all ranks and items for a limited time.


Hope you guys enjoy!

- PC Staff

Lots of people have been donating their hard earned cash lately, and you know that that means.. we get to have a drop party!! 

The drop party will take place at this time,

US East Coast - December 1st 7:00 PM

US West Coast(California) - December 1st 4:00 PM

United Kingdom - December 2nd 12:00 AM

Netherlands - December 2nd 1:00 AM

Perth, Australia - December 2nd 8:00 AM

Japan - December 2nd 9:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia - December 2nd 11:00 AM

If your time zone is not listed here, use http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com

We will drop lots of items, keys, and pokemon to help you in your journey! 

Thank you everyone who donated in order to make this possible!!

Dshop Expansions!

Princess_Ivysaur aS posted Nov 20, 17

    We are happy to inform you that thanks to SolarOwl and Durkinblock, there is a new room added to the donator shop! Just head straight from dshop spawn and turn left to get there.

    We have added all of the mega stones and spawners with certain spawn eggs! If you have any other suggestions of what to add to the dshop, please tell SolarOwl or Durkinblock.


-PC Staff

Re-introducing: Gambling!

Shmeeb aS posted Nov 19, 17

Hey guys, I’m excited to announce the completion of my latest project, Gambling. Gamble your Tokens in this roulette style spinner for the chance to either 2x or 14x your tokens! Check it out with /gamble

Be sure to stay tuned as I also have a few more things that are nearly done that I know you guys will like. :)



- PC Staff

Bug Catching Contest!

Hugamouse aS posted Nov 15, 17
Hey everyone! If you've played Pokemon Gold or Silver, then I'm sure you know of the famous Bug Catching Contest! 
This event will take place on Saturday, November 18th, 4 pm PST (6 pm Central Time).
The rules are simple: At the special event warp (to be announced that day), you will receive a stack of special balls that you are required to use for the event. Nothing else will be allowed. You will have 30 minutes to explore the fenced in area and catch a bunch of bug Pokemon! Once the time is up, you must choose the rarest and strongest Pokemon you caught for the judges to judge. We have a secret judging method, so try to get the best Pokemon you can find! If you run out of special balls, we will supply more.
There will be lines to wait at for the judges to go through the Pokemon one by one, so judging may take a bit of time. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in advance!
Prizes will be bug-themed, but kept secret til the contest is over as a surprise for the top 3 winners! They are a bit more unique than previous prizes.
Special thanks to SonyXPeriaM and Irauhl for helping me build the arena/building!
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