Hurray! PokeClub is turning 1 on March 24th!

Come help us celebrate PokeClub's first birthday on Friday March 24th for a Drop Party! I hope we can see all of your wonderful faces there to celebrate this joyous occasion! 

The Drop Party will be held:

US West Coast - March 24th, 5pm
US East Coast - March 24th, 8pm
UK - March 25th, 1am
Netherlands - March 25th, 2am
Perth, Australia - March 25th, 9am
Japan - March 25th, 10am
Melbourne, Australia - March 25th, 12pm

blokjesmeneer123 damn i was to tired to wake up in the middle of the night.... gosh dangit
YologamingCast I be missing it by 30 minutes, god damn it
Hunnah Ahhh dang i wont be able to make it =/

Techinal changes

TPNils posted Mar 10, 17

Dear wonderful players,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, PokeClub will undergo technical changes within the next few months that may affect the connection and uptime of the main server, the website, and TeamSpeak. To prevent the loss of items and pokemon, we will be setting up daily backups which will be happening at 0h30 Belgium time (GMT+1, GMT+2 once we enter daylight savings). If you have any questions feel free to ask down below in the comments. Thank you for your patience.


~ The PokeClub staff team.


Princess_Ivysaur a posted Dec 30, 16

It's about that time again! We have hit our monthly goal for the Drop Party!! 

The Drop Party will be held:

US West Coast - January 3rd, 4pm
US East Coast - January 3rd, 7pm
UK - January 4th, 12am
Netherlands - January 4th, 1am
Perth, Australia - January 4th, 8am
Japan - January 4th, 9am
Melbourne, Australia - January 4th, 11am

I can't wait to see you all there! Hope you can make it!

newomas Is it possible to attend two drop parties (like if I did the one at 4pm and then wanted to do the one at 7pm)?
XStqfe yesssssssssssssssss finally its not at a time where like 5 am for me yay

Mini December DP

Princess_Ivysaur a posted Dec 23, 16

I am sorry to say that the Winter Tourney is being canceled. Instead I will be hosting a mini DP on December 26th at  10am (MDT) 

The Mini drop party will be held:

US West Coast: December 26 9am

US East Coast: December 26 12pm

UK: December 26 5pm

Netherlands: December 26 6pm

Perth, Australia: December 27 1am

Japan: December 27 2am

Melbourne, Australia: December 27 6am

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ShadowNinjaZ123 @ PokeClub
Wait about dis tourney will there be another or no other??? i mean im not complaining just askin :d x also guys does it show my email or nlmonkey95 when I talk? x that show up? or nah?

Christmas sale!

SSH a posted Dec 22, 16

Merry Christmas everyone! Today we’re launching a Christmas sale! Everything in the store will be 50% off until January 1st! Get that rank you’ve been wanting while it’s cheap!

Merry Christmas!

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