We are back and better than ever!

By Geeses - Posted Jul 10, 18

Hello everyone!

After weeks of preparation, we’re finally ready to release! We are now running Pixelmon 6.3.1. We are back with a dedicated and lag free environment where everyone can play for free. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post it on our new forums.

We offer a wide variety of custom plugins, snazzy in-game builds, and unique events for you all to enjoy! Explore and battle our custom player-run gyms, start a journey at /warp adventure and search for Pokemon, find treasure signs and presents hidden around the map for generous rewards, and much more!

We've created multiple engaging and exciting new builds, and new features will continuously be released! Some upcoming features include Custom Biomes and huge expansions onto /warp adventure, including an exciting new questing system! Stay tuned for these updates, and have fun!

Check the server out at play.pokeclub.net

- PC Staff

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