Mining Contest!!

By Princess_Ivysaur aS - Posted Dec 19, 17

Hello Pokeclub!! We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a mining contest!!

We will be hosting a mining contest and here is how it will work:

You will begin with nothing in your inventory except an "Event Pickaxe" and an "Event Shovel" which will be diamond tools enchanted with unbreaking 5. Everyone will have 20 minutes to get as many minerals as they can! Be careful! Because if you leave the mining area, or access your enderchest or playervault, you will be disqualified. Each mineral will have a point value, Iron-1 Gold-2 Ruby-2 Sapphire-2 Diamond-3 Emerald-4 so you will want to collect as many of those minerals as possible! When the 20 minutes is over the top 3 players with the most points will receive these prizes:

1st Place - Your choice of a shiny Legendary, 2000 Tokens, and a custom title!

2nd Place - Random shiny Legendary, 1000 Tokens, and a custom title!

3rd Place - Random Legendary, 500 Tokens, and a custom title!

The mining contest will be held at this time:

US East Coast - December 30th, 1:00 PM

US West Coast(California) - December 30th, 10:00 AM

United Kingdom - December 30th, 6:00 PM

Netherlands - December 30th, 7:00 PM

Perth, Australia - December 31st, 2:00 AM

Japan - December 31st. 3:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia -  December 31st, 5:00 AM 

If your time zone is not listed here, use

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions about the contest feel free to ask SolarOwl in game, or message him on Discord!

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