December Drop Party!!!

By Princess_Ivysaur aS - Posted Nov 28, 17

Lots of people have been donating their hard earned cash lately, and you know that that means.. we get to have a drop party!! 

The drop party will take place at this time,

US East Coast - December 1st 7:00 PM

US West Coast(California) - December 1st 4:00 PM

United Kingdom - December 2nd 12:00 AM

Netherlands - December 2nd 1:00 AM

Perth, Australia - December 2nd 8:00 AM

Japan - December 2nd 9:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia - December 2nd 11:00 AM

If your time zone is not listed here, use

We will drop lots of items, keys, and pokemon to help you in your journey! 

Thank you everyone who donated in order to make this possible!!

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